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  • October 4th, 2005

Oneonta, New York, October 04, 2005

MAMCO adds new markets to injection molding services

MAMCO, a leading supplier of custom injection molding services, has expanded its market reach with the recent addition of four new molding projects that exhibit the company’s depth of experience and broad range of molding capabilities. MAMCO’s expertise in designing and engineering prototypes and components is now being applied to the manufacture of bioengineering, laser technology, dental, and electronics products.

“Some of these materials are experimental. While it’s been challenging, it certainly isn’t surprising, since this kind of work is our niche,” said Roger Carpenter, Quality Assurance Manager at MAMCO.

MAMCO’s range of custom injection molding equipment, coupled with its recent ISO 9001:2000 efforts, have made it a destination for clients both domestically and abroad seeking custom tooling solutions. Its state-of-the-art molding systems employ robotic technology that help erase human error.

MAMCO was first contacted to create a component for use by a design and engineering firm that would help research leaf DNA. The thimble-sized sample cup consists of a molded feature in the center to hold sample materials for testing, as well as a thin wall. The client requested that there would be no gate protrusion on the finished part. In spite of the thin walls of the part, MAMCO was able to suggest that a recess be made in an area of the part, where the gate could be placed and there would be no protrusion above the surface of the part, explained Bob Stanley, the company’s Engineering Manager.

MAMCO engineers tackled the thin-wall challenge by utilizing a high-density polycarbonate. This entire prototype cavity is about ¼ inch in size and includes very tight tolerances and small, intricate parts.

The company was also called on to transfer from the client a straight molded product for use in military communications equipment. Specifically, the part – ranging from 1 to 4 inches in size, depending on its use – would be installed in communications headsets such as the kind worn by military pilots. The client, who prefers to handle design and assembly, decided to farm out its molding requirements to MAMCO.

A third client contacted MAMCO to design a ¼-inch component that will eventually be used in dental implants. The client is transferring from a titanium-based implant to one that uses a new high-temperature polymer that resembles many characteristics of metal. MAMCO is manufacturing 50,000 pieces, with nine different part numbers coming out of a single mold base, said Fran Colone, Director of Customer Development and Alliances.

An existing automotive client additionally requested a new part from MAMCO, entailing the company’s reel-to-reel molding capabilities. This new prototype includes ½-inch low-current switches which will be used in automotive applications. The switches will be placed on strips from which the client will eventually extract the final product. The project also hinges heavily on tight tolerances and intricate parts.

Finally, two new clients have asked MAMCO to design and produce special components for use in laser technology and frequency control products. The first project requires a component to house circuit boards that are used to manufacture laser equipment for industrial applications. The second entails a component that will replace an existing brass component used in such products as oscillators and amplifiers. MAMCO’s ability to take on brand-new prototypes such as these – and particularly the design and mass production of components in a short time period – made the company a top choice among these high-technology clients.

While all the components differ dramatically in production, size, and application, they all contain one unifying trait – ease of usability.

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  • Community Involvement

      Our class would like to thank you for opening the company for us and allowing us to grow and become more educated in one of the many fields of engineering. We appreciate the opportunities you gave us, and we look forward to possibly coming back to the company in the near future.  

    Athena Basdekis and the Engineering Class of 2018, Otsego Area Occupational Center

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      We are happy we brought our business to MAMCO!  

    Thomas Dunn, Frirsz Music Company

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      MAMCO provides us with the quality and consistency that we seek in order to continue providing excellence to our own customers. MAMCO has always been responsive to the requirements of our overmolding projects, and very pleasant to work with.  

    Michael Shulte, Custom Electronics

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