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  • Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow analysis enables MAMCO’s engineers to identify potential problems before they happen. Once again using moldflow injection molding simulation software, engineers analyze how a part should be molded accounting for gate locations, wall thicknesses, size, and type of material. They also look for potential molding defects, such as gas entrapment, weld lines, shorts and sinks.

Process window analysis, another part of mold flow analysis, examines melt temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure, and fill times. Gates and runners are additionally evaluated using this sophisticated software for multi-cavity runs. The mold flow tool helps engineers in their effort to create an acceptable part in a shorter amount of time.

Mold Flow Examples

lnk_arr_green.gifFill Pattern
lnk_arr_green.gifFill Time
lnk_arr_green.gifWeld Lines
lnk_arr_green.gifConfidence Fill
lnk_arr_green.gifPressure Drop
lnk_arr_green.gifInjection Pressure
lnk_arr_green.gifFlow Front Pressure

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