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Advanced Production Quality Planning with MAMCO

Behind any good quality assurance department is a good set of tools. Analyzing different processes requires proven methods like Advanced Production Quality Planning.

APQP is a checklist of sorts, including various processes and tools that make quality assurance work at MAMCO. From examining part designs to setting control limits that help monitor the molding process, APQP troubleshoots possible problems before a part ever enters the press.

APQP includes several modes of analysis that help ensure quality assurance:

  • FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) - FMEA is the process used in the automotive group to anticipate what can go wrong during a press run. As a component of advanced production quality planning, FMEA utilizes specialized software to design, examine, and enhance parts that are sensitive to potential problem areas.

    For example, engineers might identify a blind pocket in a part that could potentially create gas buildup and cause burn marks. A special insert can be devised to prevent such a burn mark before the part is made, saving the customer money and saving MAMCO costly defect problems down the road.

  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) - PPAP identifies what factors will be statistically controlled during the molding process. This process uses control limits devised during analysis of parts in order to closely monitor a press run.

Once APQP is completed and approved by the customer, MAMCO then moves onto to another set of quality assurance tools that further ensure all quality aspects of the molding process. Statistical process control (SPC) is the basic tracking of results during a press run. Utilizing tools like inline and offline vision systems, SPC tracks results and helps technicians set control limits in real time with a press run of parts.

Optical gauging products have helped make SPC possible. Camera systems communicating with state-of-the-art software programs enable quality technicians to identify problems with a press run while it is happening – an invaluable measuring device that has boosted quality to new achievements at MAMCO.

One tool of SPC, the automatic smartscope vision system, uses grayscale analysis to determine edge and feature locations automatically. That enables MAMCO to establish automatic continuous inspection on control features that do away with operator variations and inconsistencies.

In the past, MAMCO examined parts once they were finished. Today, with the help of sophisticated vision systems, problems can be identified before the molding process comes to its conclusion. As a result, cost, scrap, and defects are minimized.

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